Customer Service/Data Entry $9 per hour!!!

Is anyone looking for some part-time work?

I'm hiring a bunch of people for customer service/data entry positions.

You will be helping one of our clients distribute government-sponsored cell phones at various community events and the best part is that there's no selling: You'll be sitting at a table and those who qualify for the phones will come to you!

The position will pay $9 per hour but it will only be from Wednesday, May 18th until Monday, May 23rd. I will need everyone who applies for the job to be available through those dates. Any takers?

Please call (504) 821-0772 if you have any questions OR you can come apply in-person with 2 forms of I.D. — most people use a drivers license and social security card — at:

2929 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119

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Polish chicken

Singe~ Presents Carnival de Pyros

Singe is proud to be back at our new location of Dragon's Den. 435 Esplanade, New Orleans!

The next show is February 25th at 10pm, right at the peak of Carnival!

Featuring fire performances by:

Marquis de Feu
Pierre le Gent

with Speacial Guest: Chase Archer

$10 Cover

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With the success of the 1st 'Metal Masquerade' in 2008, get ready for the RETURN this year!

The Look?----Glam it up!
The Music?---Glam Rock & Metal, Lotsa 80's Hair Metal too !!
The Vibe?----100% pure Sunset Strip bitches!
*Come dressed as your Favorite Glam/Hair/Metal Rocker
*Extra Points for Excessive Aqua Net !
*Prizes 'n Booze WILL be awarded!
*Costumes Extremely recommended!

Thursday Oct. 28th --- 10 Pm

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Missing kid alert..

Please help find Dakota McAvaney. He's 15, missing, and has been sited in the Lower Decatur area. He's reportedly in bad company & in danger. If you spot him, call his Mom.She's a local bartender and can be reached at: 901 687-7551.

Who are we kidding? Vacation's are for suckers.

Well it turns out vacation isn't all its cracked up to be.

So fuck that shit.

With great pleasure, we would like to announce the new iteration of Corrosion.  The longest running goth-industrial night in the state is back in action and ready to put on bigger, better and more fantastic events than ever before.  We've done our homework this time.  DJ DedSexi, freshly back from his North American tour has taken up the reigns and is bringing Corrosion in directions only the hottest clubs on the continent are daring to try.  Forget about weekly club nights.  Try weekly monthlies on for size.  DJ Ded Sexi is giving the Corrosion DJs their own pet project night to bring you the best in costumes, theme nights and atmosphere.  Rather than the week in, week out grind of theme-less nights (because, let's be realistic, we've all heard the playlist, right?), we're turning to more specialized areas to offer greater variety and substance to our evening festivities.

Meanwhile, Vendetta has been doggedly pursuing the best in live shows and festivals.  The first show of our season, as you might have heard, will be Combichrist on November 3rd, at the Howlin Wolf.  Their live show is now so intense, we had to measure the Wolf's stage by hand to make sure the show would actually fit!  Tickets are 15$ in advance at, and 20$ at the door.  Do not miss out.  Needless to say we have an after party booked, but standby on details.

Other big boy shows you can expect are legendary Front Line Assembly and, straight from Germany, Faderhead.  More details on those later.  Plus, keep an eye on us for local bands, new artists and other performers, like the beautiful and deadly Zombiegirl!

We'll be working with those elegant vampires of the Endless Night Festival.  Look for us at the after the Anne Rice Ball, and on Halloween night itself for the official festival afterparty!  We'll be working with DJs from arond the world, and probably getting handed our asses!

And finally, in July 2011, it gives us our deepest pleasure to announce Southern Gothic Festival II, at the Howlin Wolf and all over town.  We'll be bringing black clad brothers and sisters from all over the country down to hang with us in our dullest month, a shot in the arm for a scene that needs it bad.  we'll see you there!

That's it for now.  Check out our new facebook at (floodland facebook).  Everything is getting an upgrade as we continue to rebuild, restore and reinvent North America's best scene.

first Tuesdays  The War Machine

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second Tuesdays Malice in wonderland

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Third Tuesdays  Fail safe

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and the fourth Tuesdays :// COUNT ZERO INTERRUPT
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Last but not least we also have a monthly Friday to mention.
first Friday

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More to be announced, stay tuned.
-DJ Ded Sexi